• Rose - by Victoria Bassett-Wilton
Rose - by Victoria Bassett-Wilton

Rose - by Victoria Bassett-Wilton


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Over the course of 2017, a select group of young writers was invited to take part in a year-long writing program at the Sydney Story Factory. Their goal was to produce not just a fistful of poems, or a story, or a script, but a fully realised novella. The volunteers working with our budding novelists were there not so much as tutors but as mentors and peers, offering help and support while writing a novella of their own. This is one of the novellas produced in these workshops.

Victoria Bassett-Wilton is 17 years old.

Compact paperback publication: 203 x 133 mm; 95 pages

Print ISBN: 978-0-6481778-3-8



“Mother, you have to hire a nurse, you can’t even manage to open a door anymore,” were Fred’s first words as he stepped through the door. His tone was sharp, and direct; and she really did not like it.

Sometimes people become swept into a routine for so long that they lose all hope of an adventure. That is what has happened to Rose. A woman in her late sixties, her husband dead, and her children drifting, Rose has finally begun to tiptoe on the brink of possibility. A push, and the world will open its doors for her.