• Skip the Rope by Shaza Ayoubi
Skip the Rope by Shaza Ayoubi

Skip the Rope by Shaza Ayoubi


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Over the course of 2018, a select group of young writers was invited to take part in a year-long writing program at the Story Factory. Their goal was to produce not just a fistful of poems, or a story, or a script, but a fully realised novella. The volunteers working with our budding novelists were there not so much as tutors but as mentors and peers, offering help and support while writing a novella of their own. This is one of the novellas produced in these workshops.

Shaza Ayoubi is 16 years old.

Print ISBN: 978-0-9876332-0-0

Skip the Rope

Ashley White is a teenage girl who is suffering with depression and PTSD from her father’s passing.

Nicholas Camiro is a teenage boy who is trying to be true to himself and figure out his parents’ shady past.

When they meet each other, they never thought that each of their parents connections to each other would bring them closer than ever.