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Stories, memoirs and poems from over one hundred young people from across New South Wales. With guest essays by Benjamin Law, Brodie Lancaster, Ellen van Neerven and more. 

 What matters to teenagers in New South Wales? What memories do they cherish, and what hopes do they harbour? What, in short, is their state of mind?

 Sydney Story Factory attempted to answer this question by running its biggest project to date, working with more than 750 high-school students from 35 schools across New South Wales, from Bourke to Byron Bay, Mt Druitt to Maroubra.

In over 160 pages this book captures the broad range of teenage experience now, and explores the creative possibilities of writing from life. You'll find universal topics and relatable emotions, but after reading this collection we think you'll agree: there's no such thing as an average teenage life.

ISBN 0987358073

Paperback publication: 230 x 150 mm; 165 pages

 $25.00 (incl GST)

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