• Liberty's Dawn by Briana Terman

Liberty's Dawn by Briana Terman


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Over the course of 2018, a select group of young writers was invited to take part in a year-long writing program at the Story Factory. Their goal was to produce not just a fistful of poems, or a story, or a script, but a fully realised novella. The volunteers working with our budding novelists were there not so much as tutors but as mentors and peers, offering help and support while writing a novella of their own. This is one of the novellas produced in these workshops.

Briana Terman is 18 years old.

Print ISBN: 978-0-6482438-3-0

Liberty's Dawn

The discrimination against half-angels and reincarnated angels is starting to make its move. Virtues, demons and angels (alike?) become involved in the following chaos.