• The Coconut Children - by Vivian Pham [SOLD OUT]
The Coconut Children - by Vivian Pham [SOLD OUT]

The Coconut Children - by Vivian Pham [SOLD OUT]


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Over the course of 2017, a select group of young writers was invited to take part in a year-long writing program at the Sydney Story Factory. Their goal was to produce not just a fistful of poems, or a story, or a script, but a fully realised novella. The volunteers working with our budding novelists were there not so much as tutors but as mentors and peers, offering help and support while writing a novella of their own. This is one of the novellas produced in these workshops.

Vivian Pham is 17 years old.

Compact paperback publication: 203 x 133 mm; 295 pages

Print ISBN: 978-0-6481778-4-5

The Coconut Children

Fall in love twice, just to make sure.

Sonny and Vince have always known each other. It took two years of juvie, a crazy mother and a porn stash for them to meet again.

Sonny is a sixteen-year-old girl who watches the world from her bedroom window and has a habit of falling hopelessly in love with just about anyone. Vince is a sixteen-year-old boy who became a legend after he was taken away two years ago. Now, Vince is back. In the vertigo of 1990’s Cabramatta, in households which harbour histories and parents who are difficult to love, they stumble upon each other once more.